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Wall Panelling Interior Design Chennai

Wall panelling is an idea developed to facilitate a hassle-free building process of residential building system. Wall panel can speed a project duration and as a result saving construction cost. Wall panel are pre-cut o specific sizes that can goes in all designs and schedules. This will definitely minimise wastage at site. Wall panelling are easy to install and comes in a variety of styles that are typically easy to install. It can last a long time when cared for properly. You can use a variety of paints, varnishes and stains to seal the wood and protect it for years to come. With proper cleaning, routine maintenance like filling holes and painting, varnishing and staining, wood panelling can last 10-20 years with ease. You can make wood panel’swater proof with the application of a silicon sealant. Mostly, the wood panel’s installation is important for bathrooms in place of standard ceramic tiles.

Bamboo Veneer is an eco-friendly choice for wood panels. Bamboo is less expensive than tree-grown wood and it can be stained or painted to suit any colour palette. Wall panelling is used in a wide variety of settings, both private and public. In Dream Craft Interior, wall panelling is popular in schools, leisure’s centres, hospitals as well as retail and restaurants settings for a variety of reasons… hygiene, imaginary and damage prevention. Firstly, wall panelling is an incredibly hygienic alternative to the majority of other wall finishes such as tiling. This also makes it a suitable finish for schools as the daily busy hustle of children can quickly create an unclean environment. Plastic wall panelling offers more than just a hygienic and durable surface. It can also improve the design prospectus building as it is available in a vast variety of both colour and designs. Wall panelling is used in most places than you might imagine. It can be easily combine with décor guards. Such as hand-rails and cornered trims for a completely protected area.