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False Ceiling Designs Chennai

A minor ceiling, hung under the main ceiling is a false ceiling. Drop ceiling and suspended ceiling are two other names for false ceiling. These kinds of ceilings have now become an integral part of modern design and architecture. False ceilings are made using various materials like gypsum boards, metal panels, plywood, Plaster of Paris, veneer etc. Actually, false ceiling is a suspended ceiling below the original ceiling. It conceals the original roof inside and the artwork gives an aesthetic look. It is made by attaching the ceiling panel to a metal frame.

Benefits of a False Ceiling

  • False ceiling increases the interior beauty of the room. Earlier only the walls and floors of a room were given prominence in the interior decoration. Now as the trend of highlighting the designs of the upper part of the room is in vogue, false ceiling is widely used for this effect.
  • The ceiling panels of false ceiling can be easily removed. It helps in the repairing and maintenance of air conditioning, plumbing and wiring accessories by providing quick access to them.
  • It makes cleaning the ceiling an easy task.
  • Plaster of Paris (POP) is being used since long time. Since last few years, Gypsum boards are used a lot. Previously simple wood was used, now good quality Ply is commonly used.
  • Tiles and blocks of plaster of Paris have the specific advantage of lightness and high fire resistance.
  • Majorcompanies often use false ceilings to install HVAC systems that support purify air flow.
  • False ceiling structures are relatively cheap and quick to install, especially when compared to traditional roof installations.

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Ceilings were usually designed or decorated with fresco painting or mosaic tiles, achieving certain events or symbolism.